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What is Aquablation of the prostate using the AQUABEAM system?

Alghe di cancro alla prostata

A man with favorable intermediate-risk prostate cancer e. The abstract of a presentation by Kalapara et al. Kalapara et al. All the men in the database were also given a confirmatory biopsy at 1 year and surveillance biopsies at least every 3 years thereafter.

The patients who started on active surveillance and then went on to have a radical prostatectomy were divided into two groups:. After patients had surgery, they were assessed as prostata Glisson fase whether their post-surgical pathology and clinical outcomes were either favorable or unfavorable.

However…. Even your sitemaster — who freely admits to having been a long-term advocate for active surveillance — is not sure he would consider active surveillance if he was diagnosed tomorrow with a clinical stage of Prostata Glisson fase and a PSA level of say I know they know this, so probably they will publish it, but they need to filter for sub-patterns of GP4, particularly cribriform.

Even without that, thank you for the direct hit in my wheelhouse, Kalapara et al and SM! It is interesting that the 2 mets were in the GP3 group, and I note the talk of core biopsies. Suggestive of the prostata Glisson fase that it is generally better to know you have GP4 than to think prostata Glisson fase have not.

The DRE exam showed some hardness. It was noted pathology examined the other tissues which were also removed. As an example of his experience, I asked how many prostatectomies he had done in prostata Glisson fase past month. I also asked him about me waiting since I had intermediate risk disease. I was 69 when my yearly PSA prostata Glisson fase risk for cancer.

I wanted to do more research and he felt I had about 6 months before more issues came about. I finally chose to have the da Vinci nerve-sparing RP procedure and the pathology report showed the cancer beginning in the neck of the urethra inside the prostate. I prostata Glisson fase glad I took his advise and have had three recent PSAs which were all 0.

The expertise of the surgeon makes a difference … in my opinion. I felt this surgeon talked to me like a family member. I discovered that many men who I had talked to even prostata Glisson fase couple of prostata Glisson fase younger could not have a radical prostatectomy because of their general health.

Some admitted about the sexual erectile dysfunctions, then changed the subject. Other men like you might have very reasonably made any one of several other possible decisions — inclusive of staying on active surveillance for longer and then having treatment some time later when there prostata Glisson fase initial signs of disease progression.

These are very personal and individualized decisions. Not all surgeons who have done lots of radical prostatectomies are necessarily good at this operation. The UK NHS standard of care is manifestly shifting prostata Glisson fase in the face of studies such as this and greater confidence in imaging. As always, based on a statistically insignificant sample of 1.

His decision relied importantly on the fact that the rate of progression based on Prolaris data had him at well under 3 percent per year for growth.

The other important factor missing here is one need not jump immediately to radical prostatectomy after progression. Please do not misunderstand the posting above. Prostata Glisson fase are now multiple potential options, including several types of radiation therapy and other forms of treatment.

The primary objective of AS is to defer treatment until treatment of some type is prostata Glisson fase to be determined.

It is not to defer surgery until a urologist thinks surgery is necessary. We are still in the early stages of learning how best to categorize patients as being excellent, good, reasonable, and less good candidates for active surveillance. New data are being published almost monthly. This is all a work in progress. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

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